A2 Hosting Review 2017

A2 Hosting Review 2017 – A2 Hosting has been around since 2001, formerly known as Iniquinet (yes – good call on the rebrand). And have data centers around the world in the US (Michigan), Europe (Amsterdam) and Asia (Singapore).

Currently, they brand themselves as one of the fastest shared hosts. In addition, they make claims of ‘99.9% uptime’ and ‘guru support’. (OK, now it’s just sounding too good to be true.)

Keep reading to discover the results.


This essentially makes A2 Hosting the fastest shared hosting that I’ve ever tested. And I’m on the basic plan, hosting just this one site. So, considering my plan doesn’t even get the additional advanced speed-boosters like memcached and all that’s included in their “A2 Accelerated” hosting plans (more expensive) makes it an incredible feat for their most basic plan.


Shared Hosting: They have three main shared hosting plans:

  • Lite plan: This plan starts from $3.92 per month. (discounted) It supports 1 domain name, 5 subdomains, 5 databases and 25 email accounts.
  • Swift plan: This plan starts from $4.90 per month. (discounted) It supports unlimited domain names, databases and email accounts.
  • Turbo plan: This plan starts from $9.31 per month. (discounted) It supports unlimited domain names, databases and email accounts. It also comes with HTTP/2 and SPDY support for improved website speed.
  • Ease of Signup: Three step sign up. Not too difficult.
  • Payment Methods: Credit Card, PayPal, Check or Money Order, Bank Transfer, Skrill and PayULatam.
  • Hidden Fees and Clauses: Payments made by check are not refundable. But honestly, who pays by check anymore?! There’s also a $25 fee to move your account to another data center, or to downgrade your hosting plan.
  • Upsells: Very few upsells. Thank the Lord!
  • Account Activation: Instant Activation.
  • Control Panel and Dashboard Experience: cPanel.
  • Installation of Apps and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, etc.): Option to install WordPress and other popular CMSs available on checkout page.

When signing up with A2 Hosting, use this coupon: ‘newsocialcheats‘ – Worked perfectly fine when I checked it last time.


Uptime is possibly even more important than speed. After all, if your site isn’t up, it doesn’t matter how fast it is. I am really impressed by A2 Hosting’s uptime. The company has a 99.9% uptime guarantee (official ToS here), and it is able to honor that by having support staff on hand all day and all night.


A2 Hosting follows their string of impressive performance with friendly, helpful, US-based support. They’re available 24/7/365 through email, chat, phone or ticket submission. (they usually reply, WITH the answer, within 3-5 minutes from posting a ticket), they were still answered satisfactorily within 15 minutes of posting support tickets.

Another praiseworthy thing was the way they dealt with support tickets or live chat queries at the first time itself. Instead of sending an auto-generated useless message confirming your ticket submission or query acceptance or whatever, they directly come to the point and offer help.


A2 Hosting’s shared hosting plans have some features you don’t see often in shared hosting deals, including Server Rewind, CloudFlare, and HackScan.

Server Rewind is one of the best features available. This tool backs up your account so you can restore a single file, MySQL database, site, or account if you accidently delete something. The service is:

  • Automatic – Account backup snapshots are taken regularly.
  • Flexible – Restore a single file, MySQL database, site or your entire account.
  • Convenient – Access Server Rewind from your control panel.
  • Free – Yes, it’s actually 100% free.

CloudFlare is a CDN that is known for its blazing fast speed and cached content. It loads content up to 200x faster than other CDNs.

Then, HackScan blocks attacks before they occur. This is another way that A2 Hosting keeps your site secure.

All these are available for free at A2 Hosting.

A2 Hosting Advantages

A2 Hosting is based in Michigan, USA, although they have a datacenter in Europe as well. They are independently owned, that means a bigger conglomerate hasn’t yet managed to acquire them and turn into a money-hungry low-quality host yet. Currently, they offer “optimized” shared hosting, boasting one of the fastest load times. They also offer VPS, cloud and dedicated hosting. With competitive pricing, class-leading features, and near-perfect uptime, A2 Hosting has quickly become one of the serious names to consider in the premium shared hosting segment.

Below are some of the most prominent features of A2 Hosting:

  • 3 different data centers in USA (Michigan), Europe (Amsterdam) and Asia (Singapore); allowing you to choose from 3 separate locations for your server.
  • ‘A2 Optimized’ server configuration by default, resulting in faster page load times for popular CMS’s, out of the box.
  • Managed WordPress hosting, having WordPress-specific performance and optimization features and ensuring full compatibility with most (if not all) WordPress features and plugins, be it the basic ones or the advanced ones. Your A2 Hosting account can come with a WordPress installation out of the box if you choose that option while signing up, much like what you get with VPS providers like DigitalOcean.
  • High-spec, 100% SSD-powered servers (up to 20x faster than traditional hard drive powered servers) for not just your databases and the server OS, but for ALL of your files.
  • Free site transfers from your old web host. Some shared hosts charge you a lot more additional money for this apparently simple thing.
  • Proactive monitoring for security vulnerabilities. Reboot-less kernel upgrades. Also comes equipped with a service called “HackScan” for free. The name is pretty suggestive of what it does.
  • 24×7 Email, Live Chat, Skype & Phone Support. It’s hard to see in this budget.
  • 30-days Money-back Guarantee – then pro-rated refunds beyond the first 30 days.
  • Free ‘HackScan’ Keeps Your Site Safe. A2 provides a few helpful, preventative measures to keeping hackers out of your site with HackScan; a free service including dual web hosting firewall, virus scanning, 24/7 security monitoring and brute force defense.Some hosts simply provide similar tools to use if you’re so inclined. But unless you know what you’re doing, they’re useless. A2 hosting goes above and beyond by providing this preventative service for you, providing that whole ‘peace of mind’ thing so you can just worry about running the site (and NOT constantly performing technical maintenance).


Exclusive A2 Hosting Coupon for 2017

I’ve managed to find a pretty great deal which results in lots of savings, especially if you sign up for longer terms. You just need to click the link below, and your discount will be auto-activated and you’ll see discounted prices.

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A2 Hosting is a fantastic shared host. If you want a no-nonsense shared web host with crazy fast load times, incredible uptime, and tons of features backed with great support, you won’t go wrong with A2 Hosting.

Need a fast, reliable, and helpful web host for almost any type of website? Give A2 hosting a try. You shouldn’t be disappointed.

Use the comments section below to let us know if you are using A2 Hosting for your blog, and what your experience has been.


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